In Lake Blue Bridge, we want to give our clients the knowledge we have gathered over the past 30 years to quickly surpass the learning curve and start making a significant impact immediately.

In markets as big as the US Market and as diverse as the Latin American Market, the key to success is having a strong business network. 

Our 3 service lines are based on the same element: collaboration. Lake Blue Bridge selects, connects and directs the best player from every industry to contribute to our clients’ business model.

Case Studies, Market Analysis and Reports

Before diving into a new market, a company needs to make a series of decisions that will require quality information, presented in an organized manner. We can provide you with market case studies, information about legal concerns and regulations, tariffs, pricing, logistics, suppliers, clients, and other useful data.

How do we elaborate the case studies, market analysis and reports? More is less: we believe in light work structures and professional specialization. Each professional piece of information is made by Lake Blue Bridge with external consultants selected specifically for the client.

Commercial Representation

After studying and analyzing the opportunities in the US market, Lake Blue Bridge aspires to continue the relationship with our clients, and begin developing and implementing a business strategy. In short, we’ll help you start selling.

At this point, companies begin their first operations in the new market. But a foreign company still needs to make allies in the industry and commercial partners with a solid position in the market.

The estimates of market reach and clients, in addition to choosing consultants, local employees, distributors and buyers, require someone who knows the area and the way the local market runs.

Once the local operation is up and running, most of the foreign producers maintain the relationship from their countries with importers, distributors and other business partners. The geographical gap usually translates into communication issues. To avoid any unnecessary issues or expenses, our local offices offer commercial representation services to keep the relationships alive and help the companies expand their network in America.

How does our marketing consulting and representation work? Similarly to the case studies, each consulting project is handled between the clients and hand-picked consultants.

Open a branch in U.S.

Our third service line is for those foreign companies or entrepreneurs who have decided to directly enter the US market; whether by incorporating into an existent American company or opening a new base away from home.

In this stage, we maintain the importance of local consulting to make decisions that allow you to build a better team. We also help you find the best assistance with immigration, legal, accounting, relocation for executives and their families, among other important business affairs.

In Lake Blue Bridge we have the knowledge and experience about the needs and struggles faced by companies when entering a foreign market. We will be your bridge and we will help you go through.