“Every single member of our team aligns on the same principle that built Lake Blue Bridge: to support our clients joining the US Market.”

Lake Blue Bridge is a company founded by Verónica Gonzales Gil, Commercial Engineer graduated from the Universidad Católica de Chile.

Verónica began her professional career in the Executive Registry of the Latin American Association of Free Commerce, a sub branch of the Chilean Ministry of External Relations. She was named the CEO of the National Sugar Industry from her country when she was only 30 years old. This was a company at the verge of bankruptcy, and a few years later it was distinguished by the World Bank as the most efficient sugar producer of the world. 

Her professional, entrepreneurial and academic trajectory has permeated a wide variety of industries, including agriculture, food, business consulting, education, press, and environmental technologies.

Verónica is currently the CEO of AGF, Agro Group Farms S.A., a company with business lines in production and exportation of fruit to America, Europe and Asia. She’s a Member of the Directory of the non-for-profit organization, Santiago Chamber of Commerce. Previously she contributed as president of the Commission of Business Women from the Confederation of Production and Commerce, member of the Foundation for Surpassing Poverty, and the Council of Social Risk in the House of Christ. She was Director of Management and Projects in the Municipal Theater of Santiago, Dean of Economics and Business School, Universidad Mayor, and president of the “International Women’s Forum - Chilean Chapter”.

Today, along with a multidisciplinary team of professionals who have been with her throughout her business career, she leads this company. Lake Blue Bridge is a firm based in Miami, Florida, focused on supporting their clients through the process of integrating into the U.S. Market. Her 30 years of experience and a thriving business network are always at the service of Lake Blue Bridge clients.

Verónica Gonzales Gil

José Castro
Director of Business Development

Sara Bensrhir
VP of operations

Pedro Vergara
VP of Research and Development


Basilio Rojas, MBA, Universidad Católica, Chile
Consultant - Supply Chain

Paulina Urrutia, PhD in Engineering Sciences, Universidad Católica, Chile
Consultant - Food Industry

Camila Vergara, PhD (c) in Political Science, Columbia University, NY
Consultant - Communications & Social Research